St. John’s Barrington Welcome Video

Welcome to St. John’s Episcopal Church’s home on the web! Whether you have visited us in person, or you are considering that possibility by visiting this website, we are delighted you found us.

We at St. John’s do not present ourselves as “finished products” in the business of Christian understanding, but rather a pilgrim people who have launched out in search of God’s truth and purpose for our lives…and we would love to have you along as a fellow pilgrim on your journey of faith.

St. John’s is an Episcopal parish in the diocese of Rhode Island, which means along with all other Episcopal churches in our state, we are guided by the authority of our Bishop and enjoy the benefits of living as one body of Christ.

As an Episcopal parish we are also a member of the World-wide Anglican Communion. As Anglicans, our theology, worship, and organizational structures embody aspects of both Roman Catholicism and Reformed Protestantism which makes us attractive to people from many different religious backgrounds who are seeking a new church home.

We invite you to join us for worship on Sunday mornings or evenings, and Wednesday mornings at 9:30. You can find the schedule of services on our Worship page. We are handicapped accessible and have an Easy Listener System for the hearing impaired.

So wherever you find yourself along the path of life, we hope you will find a sense of welcome both here on our website and in our church.


The Reverend Robert K. Marshall, Rector