Church School During Reconstruction

We WILL have classes Sunday and going forward.  PreK/K will meet in the Living Room, which is the small room directly across from the kitchen.  The other two classes (grades 1-5) will be combined and will meet in the choir room, which is all the way in the back of the building (if you are facing the restrooms, take a left until you can’t go any farther – the choir room is through the door on the right).

We realize these conditions are far from ideal.  In each space, we will have to limit the mess level of crafts (also, the majority of our supplies are being stored off-site), keep the noise down, and be flexible with seating.  There is brand new carpeting in the Living Room, for example, so we will not be able to use paints or glue in there (gluesticks are fine).

Thank you all for your patience during the rebuilding and please don’t hesitate to see Heather with questions, concerns, or ideas.